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November 26, 2022
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About the American Postal Workers Union

The APWU-American Postal Workers Union-is a national organization of postal employees dedicated to advancing the interest of our members and their families. Representing 330, 000 workers in every state and territory of the United States, the APWU is the largest union of postal workers in the world. It is recognized as the collective bargaining agent for postal workers in the clerk, motor vehicle service and maintenance crafts, as well as workers employed in support services; infomation systems/accounting service centers, mail equipment shops, material distribution centers, and operating services facilities. The APWU also represents workers in the private-sector postal industry, including mail haulers and mail transport equipment service center workers.

The primary job of the union is to negotiate collective bargaining agreements with the US Postal Service and other employers. These contracts establish wages, working conditions and other benefits for the workers represented by the APWU. The union also fights for the interests of postal workers in the political arena, monitoring legislation that affects working people-especially postal workers and standing up for our interest.

In addition, the APWU educates workers about workplace safety, provides technical assistance when hazards are discovered, and fights for safety on the job. The union evaluates the impact of technological change and works to ensure job security. The union also proetects workers' rights by representing them when they face problems on the job such as discipline, violations of seniority, harassment, discrimination, or ther management abuse.

Mar 02, 2012
Membership in the APWU gives you a voice in determining your future. Members have the right to participate in local meetings, to vote for local and national officers, to vote on contracts, to run for office, and to petition for change in the union. Other membership benefits include eligibility for: The APWU Health Plan, which provides comprehensive coverage at a very reasonable cost.
Mar 02, 2012
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2016 General Membership Meetings

January 15, 2022

March 19, 2022 

May 21, 2022

July 16, 2022

September 17, 2022

November 19,  2022

General Membership Meeting
Time:  4:30pm
Place: Peter O. Vogel Building
APWU Union Hall
102 W. Tidwell    77022

Members are encouraged to attend
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"When the post office is closed,
the flag comes down. When the
human side of government
closes its doors,
we are all in trouble."
Jennings Randolph

APWU continues to fight
for your job.
2020 is the year to get involved 
and help save the Postal Service.
Does your representative support
the Postal Service?
Click Congressional Information Center
for more information.

Unions have provided Americans better
wages, better working conditions, 
health benefits, etc.  Get involved
to keep your union strong and
stop the attack on unions in America.

Let's keep the Postal Service a prompt, reliable mail service.
Please call your representative's DC office today and ask them to co-sponser pro postal legislation
Go to the left-hand column and click "Congressional Information Center" to find your representative.
Ask  your family, friends, social groups, neighbors to also contact their representative so we can continue a prompt, reliable mail service.

National APWU wants you to "Stay Connected"

Go to "Important Links"
Click on National APWU
Top of the Home page has an area you
can give your email address to receive alerts
and important union information

"There comes a time when one must
take a position that is neither safe, nor
political, nor popular, but he must take it
because his conscience tells him it is right."
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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